суббота, 15 мая 2021 г.

Are there wheels for the Strategic Missile Forces?

Work in the USSR and the Russian Federation to improve mobile ground-based missile systems (PGRK) has never been interrupted. A new impetus was given to them two years ago, when they decided to abandon the supply of Belarusian tractors. As a result, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation opened another research work (R&D), which received its own code. The main executor of this R&D is MIT Corporation JSC (developer of all domestic PGRKs put into service). She also leads the development of the concept of creating chassis, tractors for mobile complexes. The Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant was not involved in the case - all co-executors were only Russian.
Today, in the Russian Federation, two factory teams are engaged in the development of military SKShT: Bryansk Automobile Plant (BAZ) and PJSC KAMAZ together with JSC Remdizel (Naberezhnye Chelny).
The results are known: samples of KAMAZ chassis were accepted for supply to the RF Armed Forces, but they were not in demand due to the prohibitive cost, the use of imported auto components, extremely low reliability, and failure to meet a number of technical requirements. A lot of money wasted. If we calculate the amounts for all the agreements and contracts concluded by the "firebrand" with government customers as part of the work on the R&D platform "Platform", the amount will be much more than 10 billion rubles. I think it makes sense for the experts of the Accounts Chamber to do the calculations. It is noteworthy that the "Platform" at the "KAMAZ" was led by retired Colonel General Vladislav Polonsky, chief of the GABTU in 2004-2007.  

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