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Details of the tests of the Object 195 have become known

Some details have become known regarding the creation of a promising Russian tank "Object 195", also known by its unofficial name - T-95. Information about this unique vehicle was published by UVZ. Tankoprom.The combat vehicle was created at the Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering, and many of the solutions used in it became unusual, for example, the complete isolation of tankers from shells and fuel tanks. The combat module was remote, the armament in it (according to the open information posted on the Web - a 152-mm cannon) provided a significant advantage over foreign competing tanks.
18 years ago, at the "Prospector" training ground near Nizhny Tagil, the prototype fired the first three shots. This important event was attended, among other things, by the head of the Main Armored Directorate Sergei Maev and the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel.
The program of state tests was planned to be completed in three years, and in 2006 one hundred tanks could come off the assembly line, and in the next - already three hundred. It is reported that in fact it was possible to build only two copies, one of which was able to pass 15,000 kilometers during the tests and fire 287 cannon shots. Almost all problems arising in the course of the work were solved, but in December 2008 the tests of the experimental "Object" were stopped. However, many of the developments obtained were used already when creating other UVZ equipment.

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